Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Best Chocolate Fudgy Brownies!!

I will dispense with the pleasantries today and be quick to the chase! Who amongst us doesn't like a delicious piece of chocolate brownie? For the majority of us there is no question,it is a no brainer!!

Here at Chez Chrissy we are in love with this one! You may notice there small little orangey yellow bits in the brownie and it does have a secret ingredient...

Yes my friends, it is a butternut squash! We all know that squashes are considered superfoods now. They are full of vitamins, mineralas, fibre, antioxidants, phytonutrients...etc.
oops in the recipe you don't add butter to the chocolate, I did and it was fine

Some very brilliant cooks discovered that if you add squash to some chocolate, butter, flour eggs..etc, you produce the best fudgiest brownies! And on the rare occasion they last more than a day, they taste even better the next day. I found the recipe here. They are fantastic, wait a minute they are doubly fantastic as they contain a super healthy veggie!! I don't know if they qualify for a veggie serving but it is worth a try! 
  Now kids, you have to make these and if you aren't interested in making them, then get someone to make them for you. If you are eating gluten free, it only uses 3/4 c of flour so I think you could substitute a gluten free flour easily. I have a friend who is celiac so I am going to make them for her.
Since I am all about the squash these days, I bought the book. Oh my, this is a good one. I have made the pumpkin cupcakes (yum) and the cheesy squash cornbread. There are tons of good recipes for veggie dishes, soups, desserts, you name it! Love it !!  Nom nom nom!!!!
 I have been knitting Kelpie , a Brooklyn Tweed pattern. Love it, but for the life of me I can not believe how many screw ups I have done with this one. It is not a particularly difficult pattern but I have ripped out many many stitches and rows on this puppy ( maybe too much chocolate?). It is a very interesting construction and I do like knitting projects that use different techniques. I have finished a few things lately and I just have to get off my arse and take some photos.

We have had a bit of a cold snap this past week. We were taking his little lordship out for a walk at City Park and I snapped a few pics with my phone.

There's a big heron sitting on an abandoned osprey's nest
 Thank goodness for great technology, half the time I really don't know what I am looking at that well and the pictures come out quite decently.
Have a good week friends
Keep smiling
And go make some squash brownies!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Skiff a Brooklyn Tweed Hat and some of my knitty buddies!


It is amazing how one strong wind and a cold front moving in can change the seasons abruptly. Over night the leaves are blown off the trees and we are left with stark silhouettes across a stormy sky. I knit the hat above way back in September. I saw this yarn, Debbie Bliss Luxury Aran and Skiff, a new Brooklyn Tweed pattern and I had to do it. I knit it for my husband and he really likes it. But my friend Shannon did the modelling for me. She likes it a lot! (you can see her mailbox in the background). She is a great knitter and we can talk for long periods of time about patterns and wool and all the projects we can do!

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