Sunday, March 5, 2017

Bang out a blog, bang out a sweater

Yesterday we had a teaser of Spring, and it was a teaser. It is snowing again today


There was dirt and dead grass there in patches yesterday

I am not going to start whining and complaining about our winter that started at the end of November and just hasn't stopped. It is good for our forests, good for the snow pack ( and hopefully disastrous for the slugs that ate a lot of our garden last year- just sayin) but we are all getting a little winter weary here. I was ready to start packing away some of our heavier winter clothes. Not to be, quite yet. The long range forecast is for two  more weeks of just above freezing weather.

I knit the Stopover last spring when the Mason-Dixon Ladies hosted the Bang out a sweater KAL . I have worn this sweater so much this winter. It's a great sweater as it is so light weight and super warm. It is knit with the Letti-Lopi an Icelandic worsted weight yarn. I understand a lot of knitters shy away from this yarn as it does feel a bit scratchy. I soaked mine in a wool wash which has really helped and I have heard if you soak it in hair conditioner it will soften alot too. I  have found it has really softened with wear. I always layer it over a long sleeved tee. It sure is great for providing lots of warmth without a lot of bulk. I would like to knit another so at doesn't look like I am wearing the same sweater all winter long. I will have two!

Despite the weather we still get out almost daily for either walks, hikes and a little bit of snow shoeing. I actually like winter. I like cold crisp air and snow... just not into March!

Last weekend we hiked up the Apex Trail on Knox Mountain. I am pointing to a sign that says 'Knox your Sox off Apex Trail". Being a die hard sock knitter I thought this sign was kinda fun. I thought I could hoist my leg up and show my handknit sock up by the sign. Probably not such a smart move as I would probably slip and fall on my arse in the mud and likely crack my tail bone or something. And it would be well documented by the guy taking the picture. He would be laughing so hard in my moment of great need!

there's that sweater!

It was a great day, the sun came out for awhile and we made it up to the top.

There's lots to talk about, I done have tons of knitting, there's garden and veggie stuff to catch up on. We got kayaks last summer and we had so much fun paddling. I became quite involved in the Pussyhat Project...but there is time for all of that later. The first completed draft of this post ( which took a long time) went poof.. gone.

One thing that has happened this fall that I would like to mention is that we have adopted a whole foods/ plant based diet. We- me, my husband, daughter and her partner decided to give this a try almost 5 months ago. There is no looking back. We are all feeling really well and are well fed. We reached this decision for a variety of reasons and as I know this can be a contentious issue with some, all I can say it works for us and really that is all that matters.

Why did I send all the leftovers home with my daughter??

On Friday night I made Chili Cheesy Fries . Oh my goodness, they are delicious!! Vegans and non-vegans alike will love this one. Its easy and fast, I had a "what am I going to make for dinner and what do I have to make it with " moment at 5 on Friday afternoon . Next time (hopefully)  I will be more organized and I could put chopped avocados , scallions... cilantro etc to sprinkle on top. We did add a bit of Daiya cheddar shreds. Yum!!

Well, that's all I got for today!

Keep well

and Keep Smiling Friends!


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