Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas everyone!

Another year has rolled around and here it is Christmas again

Outdoor skating rink

tree bombing
I found this really touching.

taking brownies, pumpkin cheesecake and westie sugar cookies to Shannon's

I wish you all a peaceful happy and safe holiday

Hope Santa is good to you all !

Merry Christmas!!


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Keeping your head warm !

With our recent cold snap (and it was unusually cold) I was very happy I had knit this hat I am not a big hat wearer as I find I look pretty goofy in a lot of them. But when the daytime high is -12C you have to get over that real fast!

This hat is Purlbee Simple Pleasures Hat. I knit it with one strand of Shibui Staccato with one strand of Shibui Silk Cloud in Ash. I love my hat! It is super warm and super lightweight, looks great on everyone.

There's the Old Trout and Archie!



I really like the colour, it blends in with my natural highlights! If you are interested in knitting this one , you can find the project details on my Ravelry page. I am silverfox.

Under the category "Look Ma I have no hair!", there was another great reason to have this hat. I recently opted for a new hair style. I decided with my daughter's help to change it up a bit. I wear my hair pretty short, well let me tell you, it sure is a lot shorter now. We are talking buzzed up the sides and back and longer up top. I love it! It is very very short now and I will take a pic when it grows in a bit-for me that means a week! My hair grows like the mischief and it is very thick. Well its quite a bit different now and my other hats are all a bit big-again give me a week or two. Hmm come to think about it my daughter was on a lot of heavy pain meds at the time, hahaha, it is all good!

Speaking of my girl, thanks for your well wishes on her wisdom teeth extraction ordeal. Well, you know in life sometimes things don't always go the way we'd planned or hoped for. She has had a lot of complications and it ain't over yet. I will say no more as I don't want to tempt fate. We have a great saying here, This too shall pass!


I am currently knitting her a sweater. This one is going to take awhile. Details will be provided at a later date!

Yesterday when were taking his nibs out for a walk, we saw these wild Trumpeter Swans at the lake. We have lived here a long time and I have never seen them before. Soon as they saw us they hit the water. They are really big birds, easily over 3.5 feet. Archie was mercifully quiet and still as you really really don't want those birds taking  a run at you! It was quite exciting to see them though!
We are getting our Christmas mojo back! Today it was Westie sugar cookies. Kinda silly but fun!

Keep Smiling Friends!


Friday, December 5, 2014

A Churchmouse Cowl and how can it be December already??

I must be living in some kind of time/space warp, I can't believe it is December 5 already!! I am really  enjoying reading all my fellow blogger's Christmas gift making and decorating. What an awesome bunch! Sadly I haven't quite got my groove on with my own Christmas preparations but I am sure soon I will launch into high gear. Okay maybe not so high but at least get the ball rolling!  When our kids were younger and we had a lot more family around I was pretty organized and super busy. Now I am more of a multi-slacker. Times change and that's perfectly okay.


 I knit this cowl recently. Love it ! I thought this would be a great quick (ish) knit for some of you who want to knock off another gift, or better yet, make one for yourself!!

This is The Inside Outside Churchmouse Cowl. It is a great straightforward knit. I started with a provisional cast on-I use a crochet cast on with waste yarn. Then I knit approximately 8 inches with Shibui Stocatto-a fingering weight yarn in Tar. I then started knitting my stripe sequence with two strands of Kidsilk Haze Eclipse in  Aquarius alternately with Shibui Silk Cloud in Raspberry. When the stripey part was the same length as the plain part I grafted the two edges together. Grafting with the mohair was okay, you just need a lot of good light and a big dose of patience. If you are not a fan of the graft., a three needle bind off would work just dandy. It is amazing to me that this cowl just folds nicely on the rounds where I changed yarns.
 My cowl is so nice to wear with a coat or atop a sweater. It is super soft and just drapes nicely. This is a great stash buster project and a great way to use up left over sock yarn. You could have a lot of fun with this pattern!

My squashapalazoo continues. Today I made a butternut squash apple soup. This time instead of making a curried soup I made a warm spicy one. I used ginger and pumpkin pie spice to flavour it . It tastes great but it tastes even better if you add a couple of glugs of maple syrup. Yum! The house smells awesome!!

I was recently nominated by two awesome bloggers for the Leibster  Blog Award  by the lovely

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