Sunday, October 13, 2013

And let there be food!!

Our fearless and most patient cooking teacher Heather

Well it is autumn, again . I just don't know how the seasons fly by so quickly but they do. Of course it is prime knitting season, lots of beautiful yarns and patterns available and ohh so many projects to dream about and do. Once a few cooler days and chilly nights set in, I always feel quite inspired to do some cooking again. 
Heather is a member of our knitting group and she is one talented woman.She is a knitter, United Church minister, humanitarian, mixed media artist, wife, mother ,grandmother,.....and the most awesome cook! She has graciously invited us all to lunch on occasion and it has been fantastic.After much begging and pleading Heather happily agree to teach us to cook some Cretan and Arabic dishes.  Oh my!!

Heather's lovely daughter in law Lauren is having a baby!

We all had so much fun! It was great to learn about new foods and learn some new cooking skills. It is amazing the difference the use of such simple ingredients as garlic,olive oil and fresh herbs can make to fresh vegetables and meats.

Judy made the best bechamel sauce ever!
We are expecting calls from the Food Network any day now!

We made Moussaka, Dolmades, Dagos, Fatoosh, Tahini Sauce with Fish, Layered was all awesomely delicious.                                          

Layered Tomatoes

Dagos-I could live on this stuff!

I was remiss in not taking more pictures of our culinary masterpieces but I was too busy eating! Fortunately (and we are all so lucky) Heather has agreed to do another class on North African Cooking. So exciting.

Needless to say I enjoy my knitting but what has been so extra special is all the wonderful and interesting women I have met. For that I feel extremely fortunate.I have learned so much from all of you. Thanks so much

It's the Canadian Thanksgiving here this weekend and I sure have a lot to be thankful for.I wish all of you a great and happy weekend, where ever you may be.

and there will be knitting in the next post!


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