Sunday, May 29, 2011

Looking a lot more like Spring

These are painted daises from the boulevard garden. A few years ago Mr. B. decided to dig up some of the boulevard, not too sure why. I think there was a lot of weeds and no grass-well I know that there was a lot of weeds and no grass and it looked pretty yucky.Anyways I planted it and  many plants survived. I love this one but it only blooms this time of year. I think I have a colourway in a sock yarn bearing this name. I am a marketer's dream.

The Hansa roses are out now too. They are not a one of the designer or glam roses, but they are a very pretty colour and they smell divine.

There are a lot of irises out in gardens all over K-town. They are pretty nice too. So where is the knitting? Good question. I have started a new project -Girasole (italian for sunflower)  with a great yarn-so I guess there is a bit of a theme going here.But I haven't taken any pictures of it yet.That kinda sums it up.

Have a great week    Chris

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Modern Quilting

When I first started the Mitered Squares Blanket I read on the pattern notes that this project was inspired by a particular quilt. The quilt being Modern Crosses Quilt found in the book Modern Log Cabin Quilting by Susan Beal.It is a great book full of great projects and a fresh take on an older craft.

I used to do some quilting sometime ago and really enjoyed it. Its like knitting, it's fun (most of the time!!), beautiful patterns and wonderful materials to work with. It is really no wonder that some of us end up accummulating a lot of "working materials". It is really interesting how quilting has taken a new direction. The quilts are more modern looking with great fabrics and clean lines. I love it!! A lot of them look pretty easy and relatively quick to do-very appealing.Just as the hand dyes in kniting do a lot of the work in knitting so do the new fresh fabrics in quilting IMHO!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mitered Crosses Blanket

Ok well now carrying DD set up this blog for me for Mother's Day in 2009. The other day she asked me how was I enjoying doing all the bloggy stuff-absolutely great I said-it's all good! I feel like I have been caught out on my homework!
I have done a fair bit of knitting in the past two years-socks, lace, felted bags...etc. I have just finished the Mitred Crosses Blanket . It was an interesting knit and working with anything Noro is always great. This pattern was published by the ladies of Mason Dixon as a fundraiser for Mercy Corps for Japan.It has raised thousands of dollars , I do believe over $14,000.00. Power of the knit-I love it.Little things can truly lead to greater bigger things!

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