Monday, July 25, 2011

Flowers in a Garden

There is certainly a lot of growth happening in the garden.

This big guy looked asleep. Too much pollen, too little time!!

The Lilies smell divine!

Although our summer has been cooler and wetter than usual, everything is flourishing.

I finished another Noro modular afghan and it really does look like a summer garden. I really enjoyed doing this one too and I think I did improve on my construction techniques.

It is always hard to get the right lighting with some yarns.This is another big project-the new fence. Painting fence boards isn't the most exciting at times but it is great when it is done.

The fence and the shed are progressing bit by bit. We are thankful it hasn't been too hot or we would have not been doing as much as we have. I like to supervise from the lawn chair in the foreground-ha ha!! I don't have a project on the go right now-knitting wise. I have been making lots of jam, strawberry, strawberry-rhubarb, raspberry, bumbleberry... I like making jam! A lot of it is destined for friends and family. I did notice the zucchinis are growing very fast. I guess some loaves and breads are next on the agenda. My neighbour likes to grow zucchinis too and used to leave anonymous donations on our front doorstep-maybe that will be my next maneuver!! Beware of a knitter bearing jam and zucchini loaves!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Attack of the swirlies

I very seldom or really hardly ever knit the same pattern two times in a row. Here I am knitting another modular afghan using the Taiyo yarn. This is really great knitting. It is fairly easy and the yarn is so nice to work with and the colours are so much fun. I know my needle is stuck!!

The weather here is perfect. It is sunny and warm but not too hot...yet.Everything in the garden is growing like crazy. I picked some snapdragons yesterday and they have such a lovely scent.The nicotiana that reseeds every year is starting to bloom. It is very fragrant in the evening. As it hasn't been too hot everything looks so green and fresh. I think that I was drawn to this colourway as it has a lot of bright summertime colours.

We also had an unusual visitor in the backyard this week. I don't know how he/she got here. There is a pond a few blocks away but that would be a long trek for a lost turtle. We also have a large horned owl that roosts close by, maybe it was picked up and inadvertently dropped by the bird. We also have raccoons, deer,coyotes and bats. The turtle was transported back to the pond and they can sure move fast when they want to!

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