Friday, October 16, 2015

Still Veggie-licious and my Spincycle Hat

Do you ever just look at the calendar, shake your head and think Good Grief it is mid October already!?! It has been a very busy several weeks/months. I am behind on lots of stuff, but the earth is still spinning on its axis and the sun comes up every morning, so it is all good. 

There has been some knitting so for all you knitsters, here is my Spincycle hat.

The pattern for this hat is Cuba street, it is a great colourwork project. It is fun to knit and works up quickly. I used Spincycle Dyed in the Wool Yarn. I love this yarn. It has a great colour gradient that travels throughout the skein. The yarn is produced by two young women in Washington State, just south of us. It is a totally domestically produced wool. Wool is gathered from domestic sheep and then it is dyed and wool spun locally. It is a great example of complete vertical integration, I love it. This seems to be a big trend in the wool industry now. I think it is terrific as we are supporting our domestic industries, providing jobs locally and the best bonus is a beautifully handcrafted regionally local product. 

I admit I did knit this in the summer but I am a sequential chronological type of thinking person and I am getting all my knitting ducks in the row!

And the veggies are still growing

Herb bed

 We have been blessed with an absolutely beautiful fall, with warm sunny days and crisp cooler nights. I think our lovely weather window is about to close soon. It is mid October ! However the veggies are still growing in the bales and we will take whatever we can get! We have also planted some chard, kale tatsoi, arugula ,lettuce, collards and chiaggia beets for the fall. It will be very interesting to see how long we will be able to harvest food from the garden this fall.

anaheim peppers

still churning out tomatoes

mint alley
peppermint chard


a couple of carrots catching upon the latest bale buzz

beans, borage,  lovage and lemon grass
 Our squash groundcover experiment was a great success. The vines did cover and protect the soil and my sedums and we picked over 150 lbs of winter squash! That is not taking into account all the zucchinis we harvested from the 3 plants-we all know what zucchinis do! I think they are the rabbits of a garden!! It is squash nirvana here so brace yourselves for many squash based recipes in the weeks to come.

Recently we drove down to Summerland for the day. Summerland is a very pretty town south of us on Okanagan Lake. Their downtown streets are beautifully decorated for fall. If you are ever visiting there, go to Drew's Kitchen for breakfast or lunch. The food is soo good!

now is this straw or hay!/!

Have a great weekend friends!

Keep smiling!!


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