Monday, November 7, 2011

Log Cabin Knitting Redux

  It is a wet gloomy day today. At one point it was sleeting-yuck. We still have leaves to rake up and I haven't done any garden clean up yet. I always find it hard to pull up the annuals and trim back the perennials. I work so hard to get them growing!
  I found a new Noro blanket pattern thanks to these
ladies again. I found the pattern in the book Craft Activism. It is a great book with a collection of some really great fibre projects. There are also profiles of some really interesting designers. I should have of taken a pic of the finished blanket from the book. It is called The Fussy Cut Blanket. The afghan is composed of garter stitch knit blocks in a log cabin style of design. Each block is knit separately using a different ball in a different colourway of  Noro Silk Garden. Of course anything done in Noro is pretty special. This will be a fill in project for me as I will knit blocks in between my other projects.Well at least that is the plan!

 It is the season of  artisan and craft fairs. Unfortunately they all seem to happen on a few weekends in early to mid November-I always seem to miss something interesting. This weekend I went to Fabulous Finds an artisan/craft show at a local winery. Wow, there sure are some really talented people in our community. I was especially happy to see a booth with a huge collection of vintage buttons.

  I purchased a couple of buttons that I will probably use on something. There are so many cool cowl, hat and chunky scarf patterns that feature buttons. I am not sure what I am going to use the big rhinestone button for but it really appealed to my inner crow!!

  I have finished knitting some more projects but it is too dark to take pictures now. I will get some of my glam knitter peeps to do some pictures for me. Some people sure know how to wear clothing!

 I was washing my dishes a few mornings ago and I looked up and there was a deer in our backyard-a big deer! She was happily munching away through my garden. She stayed all day eating and eating and eating. Don't get too comfortable Bambi !! My neighbour's cat was stalking her-go Ninja!!

 Here are some of the last dahlia blooms from my garden.

  I am sure going to miss all the pretty colours.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I just found your blog on a link from NeeNee's yarn shop, and the pics of your Dahlia's are gorgeous ! The purple ones in particular. I am enjoying so much discovering other people who are passionate about knitting. I learned to knit about 30 years ago, knit for a bit and then life got in the way. I am just turning 60 and finally have the time to rediscover this wonderful passion! Thanks for your blog it is inspiring.


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