Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rock your boots

I love all the seasons-even winter! Of course all of us knitters are just hitting our stride in fall. We can finally pull out all of our knit finery!! Yippee, comfy warm socks, cozy cardi's, pretty scarves and shawls and there is nothing nicer than wrapping yourself in a warm handknit throw at the end of the day. Simple pleasures are just the best! I had forgotten I had knit these last winter for a friend.We were out together recently and I am glad she wore them. They were fun to do and knit up quite quickly. I knit them with Berocco's Ultra Alpaca Fine in the Ocean colourway. The pattern can be found in the book Gifted by Mags Kandis. I am definitely going to knit a few more pairs for my gift box.

1 comment:

  1. Those look suspiciously like Rebecca's feet! Nice work - glad to see you're up and about and busy.


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