Monday, November 14, 2011


 Well it is fall and it is getting colder. We all know it will get even colder-so time to knit hats!!! It seems lots of knitters I know are knitting hats and lots of them. Hats for themselves, hats for family and friends and hats for Christmas gifts.

Barb and Jen are wearing hats knit up in Malabrigo Rios, I am not sure of the colourway. Jen, on the right , is wearing a hat she knit with a pattern Barb cobbled together using 3 different patterns. (It was her second or third project!!) The original hat was knit with the Rios in the winter white colourway.These two just started knitting last year! Barb, on the left, is wearing a hat Jane knit from a 1970"s vintage pattern.

These two fashionista's keep me on track and very kindly do "glam" knit pics for me! They are both so nice and fun to be around.

  On Saturday I had the pleasure to be with another group of knitters.Cathy is on a major hat knitting odyssey (follow the link and check out her Rav project page). She has knit and designed several hats recently. They are lovely hats and are destined to be gifts for some lucky recipients! She is doing a lot of gift knitting and was seen happily departing with a lots of beautiful yarns for all of her projects. I can't wait to see what she has done next week. I must say I find being around other knitters who are pumped about their projects really a lot of fun and super stimulating. I get really excited too and want to cast on so many things...all at once!

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