Friday, January 23, 2015

My Geometric Noro Cowl

Although the end of January is approaching I am still quite motivated to knit some great hats and cowls. Our weather is not particularly cold now but it is still cool enough to warrant hats, cowls, scarves and gloves.

I have been doing a bit of colour work in my knitting lately. I sure love playing with colours. I espied some  Noro Silk Garden Solo awhile back and it has been percolating in the back of my brain since. I wanted to try a different technique than intarsia or fair isle knitting.  I saw a pattern for a cowl using a similar slip stitch  technique and thought it would work for the effect I wanted So I thought well just go for it. Hence my Geometric Cowl.

 For this cowl I used Noro Silk Garden Solo ( a tonal solid} with some Noro Silk Garden. The trick in getting the colours to pop is to find colours that contrast not compete with each other. I love how the colours transition in the squares. When I first finished I had just knit the geometric patterned side seen in the picture above. When I tried it on you could see all the inside of  the cowl and it wasn't too prett,  So I kept knitting and basically knit a facing for it. It now has the added bonus of being reversible.

I ran out of the main colour so kept knitting with the rest of the Silk Garden I used for the squares. It turned out great!  ( I cant get my photo to rotate). It was fun to do and I do love me some Noro!

I am totally smitten with Amaryllis, So I had to, just had to knit another!  I used Tosh Vintage in Silverfox, Nassau Blue, Coquette and Iris for this one. The colours are a lot more vibrant than what my pic shows. I love knitting this pattern and I can see myself cranking out a few more. It will be a veritable knit bouquet! Lol!!

On the soup front I made a big pot of vegetable soup this past week-actually while we were watching that football game- you know that big upset win by the ....Seahawks.  I often make this vegetable soup , It is actually a super easy veggie alphabet soup you can make with your kids. I added some chopped up turkey chorizo sausage  to give it a little extra flavour and protein. I also made some bread to go with it. Its a recipe from.. you guessed it, my squash cookbook. It is made with whole wheat flour, cooked oatmeal, roasted pureed kabocha squash and sunflower seeds. Sounds kinda weird but it is actually really really good. Who'd a thunk it? No I am not bored these winter days I am just on a bit of a cooking roll right now  :) That's my story and I am stickin to it!

 I am on Instagram now. I am Chrissyknitz! I was told that's what"s what now. Whom am I to argue! Come visit me and I can visit you!

Canada Geese on a cold winter's day

Keep warm and well and above all keep smiling!


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Amaryllis-a Plucky winter flower hat

Many of the blogs I read have featured beautiful blooming amaryllis plants during this past holiday season. They really are such pretty plants and it is fun to watch them grow. I mentally put that on my list for next Christmas, along with don't go shopping at the mall on December 23rd! ( Having a bit of sippy sippy of Tara's homemade Baileys on ice can stay though!). I saw a great hat pattern on the recent zine publication, All Bundled Up, compiled by the Plucky Knitter. This collection of patterns is awesome, I could knit all of them, and her colours are unreal. I bought a pattern, found some great colours and proceeded to knit. It wasn't till I was half way through I actually looked at the pattern name and then those two brain cells of mine clicked. Here is my Amaryllis!!  And here is the pattern. I really really like this hat!!


I knit it using Madelinetosh Vintage, with colours Nassau Blue, Button Jar, Coquette and Silver Fox. Its pretty bright and snappy but it is a great antidote to all the gloomy weather we have had lately.

It fits really well. I am definitely going to knit another one soon. I will try another colour in the mix. My felted mitts matched too-another bonus!

The weather here has been really monochromatic. It is hovering above and below freezing. No complaints there!. We get a lot of valley cloud in the winter, so we get really socked in. The plus side is the cloud protects us from very cold temperatures and it also protects our fruit trees and vineyards.  We are all longing to see some sunshine and bright blue skies. It would sure be nice to see the top of our mountains again too!


Well there is always a bit of cooking to think about on cold dull days. I made some Focaccia bread and some Cream of Broccoli soup.  The soup recipe is here. You can add some dill and herbs for seasoning. It's really good, good for you and super easy. I am always looking for new recipes or meal ideas. What are you cooking? Please share!
Keep smiling!!



Thursday, January 8, 2015

Looking ahead to a Happy Creative Year

Gnomes Chomsky, Engels and Marx debating New Years revolutions

 Here we are again, and here I am again, a little late to the party. I have enjoyed my fellow blogger's warm Christmas and New Year's wishes. I really can' t add anything more eloquent or more thoughtfully expressed. However I do wish all of you a happy, calm and creative year ahead!

Christmas here was fun and very relaxed . There was a lot of eating, laughing, knitting (on my part) and general multi-slacking activities. Just perfect. I have lots of knitting done but alas, no pictures or glam shots have been taken. Santa brought us a new laptop as our old one bit the dust a few months ago. I am having issues with MICROSOFT 8 as I can't load Blogger Dashboard. Does anyone have any thoughts? I am using my iphonefor pics on my kids laptop still. Hopefully all be resolved soon and I can use my camera...etc. In the grand scheme of things its not  a big deal but I do like things running smoothly.


We had a mega dump of snow at the beginning of the week, over a foot and a half. It was crazy!!!
Unfortunately Mr Sciatica had an episode (my man) and I was the chief shoveller. After several inches had fallen, I opted for "let's not clear the driveway and just keep a path open!" I survived and it warmed up and the town is now a big slush bowl. Good excuse to stay in and knit, drink tea and finish up some Christmas chocolate!

I would like to share with you some really nice thoughtful gifts I received from a couple of my knitty buddies.


My friend Shannon knit me this lovely cowl using Crazy Zauberball. She used the September Cowl pattern. I love this pattern as it takes a yarn with long colour runs and transforms it into such a interesting lacy piece. Honestly you couldn't plan these colour changes out!. She also made me a super cute project bag. I love them both! She has some upcoming knee surgery so I will have a captive audience....mwhahahaha, I have lots of knitting planned for her down time.

My friend Wendy gifted me this gorgeous woven African basket. I was instructed to find a small project to put in there's a tough job.  She also gave me some of her delicious apricot jam, it is sooo good. I have been the lucky recipient of her jams and jellies and they are such a great treat! Thanks a bunch Wendy!!

Our daughter gave me these. They are pretty funny. I have a  (cough cough) considerable hand knit sock collection and there have been a few jokes made about this. Gotta laugh at yourself!

The gnomes were knit using an Alan Dart pattern. I love his knit toys but all those pieces! Sewing them up is a real patience builder. I think our three sages our discussing that Hot Pirate Babe found in a garden. Hope springs eternal fellas!

I will be back with some more completed projects and I am sure you are all missing out on another exciting and riveting update on cooking with squash. I did make a pumpkin cheesecake for Christmas, it was really good. Counts as a vegetable in my books!

Keep smiling friends


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