Friday, November 25, 2011

No time like the present to get ready

 The weather has changed again here. All that white stuff is almost gone and today green grass and  warm brilliant sunshine ruled the day. It seems hard to believe a week ago we are all bundled up and slip sliding down icy streets and sidewalks. One never knows what the weather will bring anymore, we all need to be prepared like this little fellow.

 We have a lot more squirrels now. I don't see any of the little indigenous brown squirrels anymore. They have been replaced with larger black and silver tailed ones. They are a crazy bunch. They seem to like sitting in this tree outside my living room window and hurl insults at anyone or anything in close proximity. Too funny!

This scarf was a really quick knit. It is knit with two strands of  a worsted weight on a 9 mm  needle. Progress is so quick and every couple of rows inches magically appear. Some of my projects seem to take forever, I knit and knit and knit, measure and wow I have knit an inch. Knit so more for an interminably length of time and there is another half inch. You know how it goes. It is always good for a knitter's soul to have a quick knit every now and then-it is so rewarding! I loved using the big button. I have seen lots of funky buttons on many scarf, cowl and hat patterns this year. They sure add a real punch of colour and embellishment to a project. The pattern for this scarf can be found here. I especially liked this pattern as the scarf is completely reversible and the knitted fabric is so soft and squooshy. I have knit quite a few Churchmouse patterns and they are simply great.  Nice classic updated styles are presented in well written patterns. I have my eye on a beret pattern knit in Koigu with added beads that looks really really good. I am waiting for this super knitter to finish hers-no pressure Jahknees-heh heh!

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  1. You're welcome for pointing the beret pattern out to you! It's knit up fast and easy and should look great! Another one good for the soul with not much yarn (I may even have enough for the fingerless beaded gloves!) Enjoy!


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