Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Time to wear a cowl it -snowed today

 I haven't any interesting pictures of the snow yet. It is an early snow and caught most of us unawares. I just pulled out my geraniums yesterday and yes they were still blooming. We were out for a walk-I love walking in the snow-and we noticed some people have their lights up already! It sure is cheerful and pretty to see on a snowy evening.

I finished this cowl last week. It is the Embers Cowl . It is a great pattern to knit using two different colours of yarn. I used The Madtosh DK in Vermilion and Black Velvet. This yarn is so pretty and so nice to work with-sigh.

It is a modified feather and fan pattern and the contrast colour is carried up along with the main colour. Although I don't have a pic of it, the inside or private side of the cowl is really pretty. That is an added bonus!

The only mod I made is that I made it 12 inches long and not 18 as suggested in the pattern. I just needed a neck warmer and that's when I ran out of the main colour! Perfect!!

The problem is when you are around creative minds and beautiful yarn a lot, knitting sometimes gets the upper hand !

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