Monday, June 27, 2011

Sunflowers in a field

I finished this late last week. Knitting these modular little swirlies is really fun. It is potato chip knitting!! Watching the colours change seems to keep me entertained for hours.It is a really easy pattern to memorize and each swirly doesn't take very long to do.

I find it hard to get the right lighting for good pictures somedays. It is often too bright outside or any picture just showcases my weed collection. The Taiyo yarn is supersoft and super nice to knit with. I used Soak-Citrus before I gently blocked it. It did take a couple of days to dry-probably due to the cotton content.
 I got quite caught up in a big plan to crochet granny square afghans. I was going to use lots of my Cascade 220 leftovers-they were going to be so colourful and marvelous and fast  I could make them for everybody-you know how it goes sometimes . I did use a little sense and did a few practice ones. Well crocheting and tendonitis/repetitive stress injuries do NOT work well together. Felt like my arm had been through a wringer. Ouch!! On to Plan B.

I was at our library today to pick up The Opinionated Knitter by EZ. Funny conversation ensued,
Librarian, Wow you knitters never stop.There are knitting books constantly coming and going out of here!
Me, Oh yeah (feeble laugh)
Librarian Yes even in the heat of summer you guys are in here getting your books (gives me a funny look)
Me. Well I guess some of us get a little excited about stuff ya know, there are lots of different things to do...
Lib,oh ok then (looked puzzled)
I thought it was pretty funny.

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