Saturday, July 9, 2011

Attack of the swirlies

I very seldom or really hardly ever knit the same pattern two times in a row. Here I am knitting another modular afghan using the Taiyo yarn. This is really great knitting. It is fairly easy and the yarn is so nice to work with and the colours are so much fun. I know my needle is stuck!!

The weather here is perfect. It is sunny and warm but not too hot...yet.Everything in the garden is growing like crazy. I picked some snapdragons yesterday and they have such a lovely scent.The nicotiana that reseeds every year is starting to bloom. It is very fragrant in the evening. As it hasn't been too hot everything looks so green and fresh. I think that I was drawn to this colourway as it has a lot of bright summertime colours.

We also had an unusual visitor in the backyard this week. I don't know how he/she got here. There is a pond a few blocks away but that would be a long trek for a lost turtle. We also have a large horned owl that roosts close by, maybe it was picked up and inadvertently dropped by the bird. We also have raccoons, deer,coyotes and bats. The turtle was transported back to the pond and they can sure move fast when they want to!

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