Monday, June 20, 2011

A New Noro Book

I recently ordered this book from a local book store,it came in three days! I am a huge fan of the Noro. I have knit socks, bags,wristers, wraps, two Lizard Ridge afghans and the Mitered Crosses Blanket.  I could easily knit some more. The colours are so beautiful and all the colours all seem to work so well with each other.

The book is full of wonderful projects by different designers. Check out these socks! There are patterns for socks,hats, sweaters..and some really nice throws. For some obscure reason I seem to be on a knit blanket thing. I have never been on one of these before. Mind you I went on a major sock knitting binge for a couple of years and then I got into lace, so who knows? This could be my gift of the year for my family members. What really snapped me to attention was this...

Oh my, oh my! It is knit modularly starting in the middle and progresses outward. Again the colours are unreal.Who thinks of these things! Recently I have noticed on Ravelry that quite a few crocheters and knitters are knocking of beautiful throws using the tried and true granny square. Again using really bright colours or non traditional colour combo's. Check out Attic24, her throws are so bright, cheery and very pretty!! Makes you want to grab a hook and get going-great stash buster too.

Sometimes resistance is futile!

Have a nice evening!

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