Monday, February 27, 2012

Winter Mitts

We have had a bit of a blast of wintry weather lately. I have wanted to knit these mittens since the holidays. But you know how it goes! With Spring upon us (fingers crossed) I decided I had to get these puppies done. I am a seasonal knitter in many ways and if I didn't get them done soon it would next fall before I would feel inclined to knit them.

J Flood I am not!

This pattern is Maine Woods and Rivers Mittens. The mittens are really warm with the stranding and fit nicely. I really like the outdoorsy theme as it is suitable for anyone. I knit them with Cascade 220. Very nice!

I particularly liked the cuffs. There is an outer cuff that is stranded and a ribbed inner cuff. This provides the wearer with three layers of warmth. I love this feature as I find my wrists can get cold quite easily. The pattern is sized for a larger adult. They are too big for me but they fit Brent perfectly. He is pretty happy about that. He loves anything knit that is functional and involves warmth. It is suggested in the pattern if the mitts are too big to slightly felt or full them. This would work with the Cascade 220. I have a pair of felted mitts and they are super warm. I would just be very careful about felting them.

It is a great pattern to practice some colourwork too.


  1. I KNEW you would knit these! They turned out beautifully and lucky Brent!

  2. Ha ha Jah-Knees!! Indeed I did get them done and they are great. Thanks for your help!


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