Sunday, February 5, 2012

What's shakin' in the shop

Cowl/Shoulder Shawl in Kidsilk Haze Stripes

  Cathy and Tianna, my two amigos, have been doing a lot of great knitting lately.Cathy just finished this cowl/shoulder shawl in Kidsilk Haze Stripes. It is sooo pretty and just so nice and feathery light and soft to touch.

 I just love the buttons. Seriously, buttons can really add a colour or textural punch to a garment/project. It is amazing the difference they can make.So many times knitters will finish a project and then just slap on buttons they have around. I guess I look it as jewellery or an accessory for your knitting. It can really make your knitting pop..

 Cathy also recently finished this beautiful wrap/stole. It is knit with a collection of yarns. I believe there is some Kidsilk Haze and some Rowan Felted Tweed in the wrap. It is so pretty. It is a simple knit, the fun is putting the colours and textures together. I will have to get a glam shot of you Cathy! This is a great wrap you could wear year round.

Tianna has just finished a pair of these thrummed slippers/booties. They are so soft and squishy and feel like little puffy clouds on your feet.  I love the multi-colour roving she used to make the thrums The pattern is in the new Interweave Accessories magazine. Everyone seems to go nuts when they put their hand in the slipper!

 She has also been working on an entrelac scarf/wrap for her mom.

I love long striping yarns-you can do so many interesting things with them. The colours do a lot of the work for you and it is just fun to watch the colours change as you knit !

 Such nice projects, such beautiful knitting. Thanks Tianna and Cathy.

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