Saturday, February 18, 2012


Cate aka soletluna brought in her Beekeepers quilt this week. This is one of my favourites! The quilt is composed of knit hexagons that are stuffed and then sewn together. It is so soft and squishy and huggable. It is a great project to use up all your left over sock/fingering yarn.(I just may have a few bags of said yarn squirrelled away) Seriously, what a great project. It could be a long term project -just knit a few in between projects. It can be made large or small. It could be a throw or a table topper.You could do yarn swaps with your friends. Or hexipuff swaps! This could be fun!

I just had to give them a try and they are super fun and easy to do. They are so cute! It will be a great project to pack in my take-a-long knitting bag. It will be fun working with all my bits and bobs of fingering weight yarn. It will be like a scrappy quilt- only knit.What a great idea!

Baby owl hat
Julie just finished crocheting this owl hat for her baby. This is her first crochet project-she did a super job! (and it wasn't an easy pattern) The hat is adorable and we are all pretty excited to be with such a lovely mum-to be.

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