Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hankering for Spring

Spring colour

Even though this has been the winter of a non-winter we are all getting restless for Spring around here. I love these little primulas.They are in grocery stores , nurseries and even some of the big box stores. These were $.99 each!! They don't always last too long in the house as they do like cooler temperatures but they do provided a nice splash of colour. The best part is they can be planted in my garden and most of the time they survive for a few years. Hyacinths are also another favourite.They are so fragrant. Again when they are done they go into the garden and come up again next spring. It is funny but I find spring the most exciting time of the year-flower wise.

Sally has been knitting more pretty little things !!

The  inspiration for these embellishments came from this book. It is a very pretty book just choc-a-block full of different flowers and greenery to both knit and crochet. If you like flowers and like to embellish this is worth checking out. It took considerable restraint to leave this one on the shelf.                                                                                                                                       

I recently saw this author interviewed on TV.  The book is called A New Leaf by Merilyn Simonds and it is available in our local library ( I will be returning this copy soon). The book is a collection of short essays (?) about life in her large acreage in Ontario. It is not a book about gardening per se but about her life and her garden as the seasons change. It reminds me of how the Harlot writes about knitting-if that makes any sense. It is a nice book to pick up at the end of the day or whenever a quiet moment presents itself.

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