Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cute Kitties

Last week Lori came in to the yarn shop with a plastic tote filled with little kitties and other amigurami animals. We all went kinda cuckoo over them, They were just so cute! She crocheted them using a 1 mm hook-(way beyond me) and they are beautifully made.Unfortunately she has just moved away but hopefully will start an Etsy account. I did succumb and bought these two-one is destined for a life in Calgary.You just can't help but smile when you look at their happy little faces.
 There sure is something special about making, giving and receiving hand crafted gifts.  Maybe that is my own perspective as that is what I like to do. I always make things for my family  but I am finding gifting to other friends who are also handcrafters really a lot of fun. Of course I am preaching to the choir on this one!I really am trying to support crafts people and local based businesses a lot more now.. especially now with all the economic and financial turbulence many are facing.For many of us that whole creative process is such a necessary component in our lives-be it knitting ,cooking, knitting, quilting, artwork, woodworking ,knitting, jewelry making...etc. I  was listening to a radio program on the CBC the other day and there was a blurb about how some anthropologists had found some" tool kits" used for cave drawings in India that were estimated to be tens of thousands of years old. Interesting. So my friends keep knitting or painting or gardening or doing whatever makes you feel good-it is important!!

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