Sunday, January 27, 2013

Smoochy Mama Monkey !!!

Smoochy Mama Monkey

The world needs more sock monkeys. How can you not laugh and smile when you see a face like this!

Judy has been knitting a sock monkey every year for her grand niece. Last year she knit an adorable baby monkey.

Adorable Baby Monkey

Cutest things ever!!

Judy also made this rag quilt for another wee one. It is beautiful-I love the colours! It is made of flannel so it is super soft and cuddly. Lucky babies!

Judy and Maria knitting up a storm

It is really hard to take pictures at the best of times and it makes it even harder when we are all camera shy. Consequently I have to do some stealth picture taking. Everyone is knitting such interesting and lovely things.

Maria has been knitting lots of lovely infinity scarves. Her teen aged daughter loves them! That is a super bonus in the land of knitty.

She is also currently knitting an adaptation to the honey cowl. She substituted seed stitch for the slip stitch pattern. It made it a lot easier to pick up and knit. She is a very very busy woman. This picture does not do the wool justice as the colours are really vibrant. I do like how garter stitch and seed stitch really allow colours to pop in hand dyes.

Brenda is working on her 6th or 7th infinity scarf.

This one is super soft. She used two yarns together, a grey alpaca and a Madtosh DK. Stunning! Knitting with Madtosh is something else-bit of a slippery slope!

This one was knit with a multi coloured cotton yarn. She will be able to wear this one throughout the year. I have knit a couple of infinity scarves and I am starting to like them more and more. They are very easy to wear and they look great on everybody. You can wear them loosely or more tightly depending on the weather, just wrap them more or less. Scarves are still very much in fashion. Recently I have seen them paired up with spring sweaters, jackets and even tee shirts in the local shops. I think it would be nice to knit one in linen, bamboo or (!!!) . Cashmere wouldn't be too shabby either!
  I have lots more pictures of knitters and projects to come. It is really a great time of year to knit,. Have a good week and happy knitting friends!  Chris

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