Friday, January 11, 2013

Kitty Mitts and a Westie

Lots of snow!

I was very fortunate to receive these beautiful mitts for Christmas from my one of my knitty friends.  I love them!! It is so exciting to receive gifts from fellow knitters. There is so much to admire and talk about. I too, love gifting knits to my knitty friends. We are all preaching to the choir-so to speak!

These beautiful mitts are knit using Sisu-a heavy fingering/sport weight yarn in my favourite colours. It was hard to get a good picture outside, but hopefully you can see the kitties on them.

On the palm there are kitty paws and if you look closely there are fish skeletons on the thumb. I love the pattern on the cuff too. They fit perfectly and are so nice and warm. I am so lucky!!

The most incredible part is I also received two other gifts that match perfectly. This was totally coincidental.

Archie and myself on Christmas Day

This is Archie, our daughter's Westie. He sure keeps us all busy. We get to puppy sit a lot!

 He does provide a lot of comic relief around here. Have a good week friends!  Chris


  1. Those are great mittens! Thanks again for bringing the Arch-man by for a visit yesterday!!


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