Sunday, March 3, 2013

Tuesday Knitters Rock!!

two very dedicated knitters

February has been a very prolific month of knitting amongst my peeps! Louise (on left) and Jackie (on right) have been knitting and knitting and knitting these fabulous felted bags.Louise and Jackie were kind enough to provide me with a before and after shot. Can you believe how big this bag is before felting? It is almost a sleeping bag!!Jackie's finished bag is awesome. It is a strong and sturdy bag that sits upright on its own. I calculated that between the two of them they have knit over 1.6 km of yarn.

Where's Jen when I need her

Infinity scarves are still really popular to knit and wear. I don't think they will ever go out of style. They are so easy to wear-just a couple of wraps around your neck and you are ready to go. Last year Sally suggested I  knit a bias infinity scarf and I did! Sally always has the best ideas. I don't need much convincing when I can use Noro yarns!

Frances modelling her scarf knit with a Berrocco yarn
This year, lots of knitters are knitting infinity scarves. Frances knit one in over a week. I believe she used a Berocco yarn-my picture really didn't do it justice.

Deputy Barb

Barb knit a beautiful one using Boboli-a Berocco yarn. We all agreed she should buy a new coat to go with her new scarf. Many thanks to Barb who took my scribblings and formalised it into a well organized pattern. Thanks Barb, you are awesome!!

Evelyn knit a gorgeous scarf using Noro Silk Garden. Absolutely lovely!

Jackie knit her's using a Sirdar Country Style yarn. This yarn has built in striping and fair-isle patterning. It knit up beautifully. I should have taken a close up picture of this one, as it was quite unique. Wonderful!

Laurie, Frances and Geri are knitting intently

There's Brigitte knitting two at a time socks!

The Tuesday Morning ladies are absolutely delightful and are great knitters!! We are all planning to knit lots more infinity scarves for gifts ...and maybe for ourselves. I think this is what is so great about knitting with a group of like minded knitters-we all encourage, help and stimulate each other.( I don't like to use that word -enable!)

Busted Louise! Probably looking at new patterns!

 Thanks again for everyone putting up with me and my camera and my "Glam Shots". I have lots more pictures of knitters and projects to share. Stay tuned and happy knitting friends.  Chris

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