Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Spectra Spectacular

Madtosh Merino Light Forestry and  Noro Silk Garden Sock

 Well we might be a little late for the party, but we are all making up for it. Stephen West's pattern Spectra is causing a little bit of a knit frenzy amongst us.

Cathy is knitting one too. I am not sure what colour the Madelinetosh is but I am guessing Vermilion. It contrasts dramatically with the SG Sock. Stunning! I will have to do this combo too.  We both like strong bold colours ( in a very refined in your face kind of way).

Tianna is doing hers in Madtosh Calligraphy and Noro Silk Garden Sock. Lovely palette of golds greens and browns.

Sally's is finished and it is beautiful.

Brenda has chosen these colours. Very pretty!

nice nose
We all love Brenda!

Madtosh Twig and SGS

Rebecca/Becky chose some awesome colours, the pics don't do them any justice. This is going to look incredible when it is knit up . Rebecca is a fabulous knitter, check her projects out on Ravelry. Her nom de plume is Beckabee. I still have to get pictures of Maria's and Jane's Spectras. It truly is a lot of fun seeing all the different colour combinations knit up as you really don't know exactly how it is going to look.
 We are such a bunch of enablers. One great project and we are the knitting lemmings of the world. We just can't move fast enough to look at colours, talk and talk and compare and discuss perfect colour combos, and  finally finally decide (well maybe, what do you think, I like yours do you think this is ok?) on the perfect match. Next get our patterns and needles (which ones what length which ones do you like), and off we go-straight off the knitting cliff! Fortunately no one has been injured  yet (to my knowledge)  in the general stampede. It is such a blast! So much fun!
  I am knitting this scarf with a set of Cubics needles-well come to think of it we all are now. Colleen, a member of our group who has RA, absolutely raved about them. I tried them and I really really like them. Who knew a cubic needle would a) be invented and b) be so great!. They are nice and light and really comfortable to knit with. Life is full of surprises.

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