Saturday, September 8, 2012

A fresh coat of paint and some good knitting karma

I haven't done a lot of knitting this summer. It is probably a good idea to cease and desist when a certain right arm seizes up on oneself! These things happen to us all, it's annoying that's for sure! Hopefully modern medicine will help rectify the problem and I can be back at it-in moderation of course (hah)-sometime in the near future. I did get a little painting project done though.

I love painting things-not so much walls and ceilings. but tables, chairs dressers are fun to do.Painted furniture was quite popular when our kids were little and I painted a lot of pieces. It was fun and cheap and a great way to recycle and repurpose good but tired furniture. I am so happy to see it is back in style again.This table/desk was a great project to do.

So I sanded, primed it and a few coats of paint later it was done. I also put on some new knobs. It is a more vibrant green than the pictures suggest.

I am currently adding a lot of colour to my living room-too ho hum.

I have a lot more painting projects I would like to do-c'mon arm!

On to more knitterly things. Our Thursday morning group has been planning to knit some chemo caps for our local cancer centre. There is a need for these hats especially with cooler weather ahead . They would be so greatly appreciated. So if any of you are interested in doing some just get in touch with me, leave me a message here or I am in on Thursday mornings at AoY. Needless to say cancer has touched many of us either personally or our families, friends, neighbours and co-workers. It would be great to be helpful.
  I was talking to one of my neighbours recently. She works in a women's shelter/transition house. She was telling me they have a great need for some knitted booties and /or slippers for all the little kids and babies that come to stay at the facility. Often the women and the children arrive with very little in desperate circumstances. The floors are not carpeted and they can be quite cold so it would be nice to slip some warm woolies on their little feet. They also become something of their own to keep. Sadly, her facility needs lots. Of course she would love to have quilts and blankets too but those are bigger projects. Again.any handknits would be greatly appreciated. So if you want to do some just let me know or you can drop them off on a Thursday morning. Thanks. It's good to spread some knitterly love. That's what it is all about.

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