Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What's that bright shining orb in the sky?

Armenian Cornflowers

 Today the sun came out in its full glory! I know for many millions of people who are suffering through a terrible heat wave in the States and in eastern Canada this is complete crazy talk.I can't imagine how hard it it is to suffer through such heat without any power and even with power come to think of it. Let's hope some of our cool wet weather will travel across the continent. We have had a very cool, extremely wet June
  I love this plant, the blooms look like giant yellow thistles-bees love it too.

Everything is growing well but I have noticed my perennials aren't nearly as large or as tall as they usually are, due to the lack of sunlight I guess. As we usually have such a hot dry spring and summer most of my plants are more drought tolerant.

Moonshine Yarrow, Fleabane, Shasta Daisies

I started digging up the front yard a few years ago. I do love flowers.

This year I haven't done much gardening, for several reasons. I didn't plant any zinnias which are my favourite. Sigh. However in the grand scheme of things its no biggie,

Linen-Linen Project Bag

 There has been some scattered knitting though. Sounds like a weird weather forecast . On Thursday morning there will be mixed knitting conditions for Kelowna . Expect bright sunny spots of clear and calm contented knitting punctuated with occasional outbursts of loud grumbling noises and torrents of ripped out rows. Favourable conditions are expected to prevail for the rest of the afternoon. Okay okay enough.
 I started this little project today and I really like it. It is the Linen-linen project bag, a freebie on the Churchmouse website. The pattern calls for a Rowan yarn, which I don't have. I am using Nashua Creative Linen, in the Faded Lime and Bright Pink colourways. I really like the look of this bag. It can be used for a knitting project or for anything else really, Great gifty idea too. The only mod I have made so far was to cast on 50 stitches. This allowed me to get a finished width of 10 inches. It is knit using the linen stitch which is aptly named and is actually quite fun to knit. I seem to be knitting (and ahem buying) a lot of pink yarn this year. Judith says it is the colour of healing, I thought that was quite interesting. I just love cheerful bright colours!

False Sunflowers

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