Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bees Birds Bugs and Things

The first half of September has been very sunny and hot. It appears we are getting our summer now. This quail is sitting on one of my old ladders. The Celestial Blue morning glories I planted at its base have yet to bloom. Hopefully we won't get a frost before they bloom.It has been a really goofy growing season here.

However, we have had a lot of bees this year-honey bees, bumble bees and mason bees. Perhaps that is why I have had so many zucchinis and tomatoes.

The bees really seemed to like the annual salvia and snapdragons.

What a handsome little fella!

Oh no it is an invasion of another sort!!

Looks pretty friendly-no need to hide the wool. Speaking of which I recently purchased some Malabrigo Rios in the Azules colourway. Very Pretty!! I haven't started anything yet. I have a new brace for my arm and I am allowed to knit for 15 min intervals only. I haven't knit a stitch for almost 3 months!!!! I really should have addressed this problem earlier-denial can be very powerful in a knitter's heart.

However this too shall pass and I will be able to pick up the sticks and knit like crazy (modified crazy) again.

Enjoy the golden rays of late summer!

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