Saturday, September 3, 2011

Days are getting shorter

Gosh it is hard to believe it is September already! I find it really annoying it is getting dark at 8 p.m. I haven't knit a stitch since the end of June and all my good gardening practices...weeding and watering ...etc seem to have fallen by the wayside as August passed by. I am such a keener in the spring, not so much now! We still have a good 6 weeks of really lovely weather ahead of us-I hope. We did go for a trip to Calgary Alberta to visit our DD , We loaded up the car with lots of chocolate zucchini loaves, jam, fruit preserves and lots of other food treats. Here are a few pics of our trip..

This is a picture of Field BC. I am amazed at the camera on my phone!

Ooooh ridin' down the highway...

Seriously, the scenery is just magnificent.

I love Calgary, it is such a vibrant city and lots to see and do. This was our 6th trip in the last few years and the first time we haven't hit snow! It was sunny and really warm.

I thought the name of this place was hilarious-tubby dog. For all you hot dog connoisseurs this is the place! I did check out a couple of yarn shops-of course. I found a few interesting things, I will post about them soon.

I thought these planters were quite interesting, there is chard and rhubarb growing in them.Urban ag in action!!

And on our way home, still lots of pretty scenery.

 We stopped at D-Dutchmen Dairy in Sicamous for some ice cream. Oh my! All their ice cream is made on site with cream and milk from their dairy herd. It is pure heaven, I am always sad coming home so it is a little consolation (ha ha). There are a  few different animals in their farmyard in addition to lots of cows.

Back to K-town.

Back to Sleepy Hollow. It appears there is a large garden gnome lurking in the background. Okay okay enough pictures already! More knitting content to follow...have a great long weekend everyone!!

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  1. Hey there Chrissy - glad to see you out and about. The pictures from your phone ARE amazing. The scenery is incredible and your garden magnificent! After hearing so much about it - it's great to see it. You have spent many hours there and it really shows. Nice to have such a beautiful place to spend an afternoon. And Yay! the weather should hold for another week at least. Shorter days, yes, but I'll take the high temps!



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