Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summertime...and the knitting is easy

summer sock on the go

Its funny, we were sitting outside after supper a few nights ago and my husband remarked to me "summer has arrived". It just seemed that night that summer had officially arrived . It was a nice summer day, not particularly hot by our standards here. It just seemed something different was in the air. Maybe it was a nice warm breeze, the lovely scents of growing things, a robin's final song before dusk, the sounds of kids playing in the neighbourhood, but indeed summer has arrived.

We live in a semi arid area of BC. It gets hot, blazing hot here in the summer. Fortunately we do not have high humidity here, quite the opposite, it is so dry. You can wash a t shirt, hang it to dry in the shade and it will be dry in a hour.I find I knit smaller lighter projects, no bulky sweaters or throws for me! I usually knit socks or maybe lacy wraps or shawls. I love knitting socks, they are quick, portable and fun to do. My husband , who has a considerable personal  hand knit sock collection, has been bugging me to knit him some more socks. Many of his socks have worn out. I  am sure I will be knitting some manly socks this summer too.

Marmalade Skies

Armenian Cornflowers

The front yard is growing like crazy. My perennials have their big burst of colour now. These are all no fuss no muss kind of plants. No hot house orchids here my friends!! I really like roses, I have a couple. I just haven't found the right spot for them.

 I repainted an old weathered bench this week. It is a soft buttery yellow colour called Custard. Love it!
The next painting job for me will probably be our front railing by the front door. Not a particularly glamorous project. We are also finally getting around to painting and assembling some "faux" Adirondack chairs for the backyard. Always good to have lots of opportunities to sit and ponder! And knit!!

Happy summer friends   Chris


  1. Ok first of all....that sock you are knitting is brilliant! What I would do to be able to knit socks! And that Marmalade Sky is AMAZING!!! That color is way to beautiful! As are all of your outstanding blooms you have growing in your garden! Everything is so full and lush!! So glad I popped by! Happy weekend to you! Nicole xo

  2. Thank you Nicole! It is fun to knit socks, maybe one day when the beans are older you might have a little time. Scratch that, it just gets a different kind of busy! I love the colour of that rose, I had a second one but it died this past winter. Have a great start to your summer! Chris


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