Tuesday, June 17, 2014

If it fitz I knitz!!

Hey knitsters, this is Bandit. When I first saw this pattern I was very skeptical. It looked kind of different, with one sleeve and a wrappy part. A friend knit one and I tried it on, I was sold! I wore it all day and very very reluctantly took it off . I love this sweater/wrap. It is awesome. It looks great on everybody, it can be knit using lots of different yarns.

This could be knit with a tweedy yarn to wear with jeans and a tee, linen or silk to wear over a pretty blouse or dress or with some glitzy yarn for Christmas. It really really does look good on everybody. Lots of us are knitting this pattern.

The added bonus is you get to use a pretty shawl pin, or an old brooch or some funky jewellery as a fastener.

I knit this using Lago, a Berocco yarn. The pattern is super easy, basically a rectangle that you knit flat for approx 40 inches then in the round to form the sleeve. I love it, it fits and it looks good when worn, so I will knit it again.

Good stash buster and great as a gift!

Recently we went to Victoria for a family visit. It is such a beautiful city.

Harling Point  

Beautiful rhododendrons in a parking lot


Historic Cemetery

Monkey Puzzle Tree

Seals at Oak Bay
My favourite fellas

Happy Times!

There is a lot of gardening happening, but that's for another time.

Happy knitting friends !    Chris


  1. Chris that wrap is gorgeous! So amazing that you made this piece!!! I would love to wear something like that! And your trip looked perfect! I would get a kick out of those seals! Happy day to you tomorrow!! Nicole

  2. Thanks Nicole! It was fun to make. Love Victoria, it is such a beautiful city. Have a great day Chris

  3. I really like your wrap/sweater! I bet you get lots of compliments when you wear it. That's funny you were just in Victoria too. We must have just missed each other!

  4. Thanks Kristie! Victoria is such a great place to visit, my husband would move there in a heartbeat . Maybe I will see you on the ferry sometime!


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