Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy Knitters and Special Visitors

Even though it is spring and all the trees and flowers are growing and blooming like crazy, there is still a lot of great knitting happening.

Seriously, is this not the cutest sock monkey? Judy (who remains picture less) recently knit this for her niece. We all had to hold and hug this little one. Absolutely adorable! The pattern is Baby Sock Monkey .

Judy recently completed this cute sweater and hat set for her special baby neice. Judy just started knitting this winter, incredible! We are currently in the process of luring her into the sock knitting vortex, heh heh!!

Jen is knitting a beautiful pair of thrummed slippers.

Such beautiful colours and they are so soft and cozy!

This is Barb's first sock, as you can see we are very serious about our knitting.

Jane is an intrepid and fearless knitter.Recently she bravely threaded over 1200 beads on her yarn to knit Laura Nelkin's Undulating Scarf. I have knit several of her patterns and they are amazing. ( I think Jane has forgiven me-that is a lot of beads ).

Very Serious Person

Brenda has been knitting lots of pretty scarves this winter

We are missing Colleen, Wendy and Maria! Look out you three.

Buddy and Baron paid us a visit one day to check out what's going on at the knit shop.

Happy little guys!

 Thanks Tianna and Rod for bringing in the little fellas!! (thats's a dog nose smudge on my camera lens)

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