Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Pretty Hands

In this part of the country spring is slow to come. It is getting warmer and more spring-like here but we are not basking in warm sunshine yet! Our mornings and evenings  (and some days) are still a little chilly. Still the season to wear my wristers for my daily walk.

I really enjoyed knitting these, the elephants are so cute!The pattern is Baby Elephant Walk and they are great to knit and they fit perfectly. I like my wristers to come up quite high on my fingers so I can tuck them in if I am cold.

I knit these using a very different type of wool blend yarn. I used woodlands, a Classic Elite yarn. It is a wool/nettles blend and it is really quite nice to work with. It really has a nice halo and they are super warm.

I knit these awhile ago and they are still one of my favourite pair. They are so pretty !! I get a lot of compliments on them.

This pattern is Churchmouse Beaded Gloves. I seem to be knitting a lot of their patterns recently. I really like them as they have such nice classic styles. The patterns are well written and easy to follow.I knit this pair with a silk/merino DK yarn. The silk gives the yarn a nice lustre.And the beads-just a lovely combination!

None of this is helping me to get all the yard work and garden clean up done though-ha ha!! This is a lot more fun.

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