Saturday, May 21, 2011

Modern Quilting

When I first started the Mitered Squares Blanket I read on the pattern notes that this project was inspired by a particular quilt. The quilt being Modern Crosses Quilt found in the book Modern Log Cabin Quilting by Susan Beal.It is a great book full of great projects and a fresh take on an older craft.

I used to do some quilting sometime ago and really enjoyed it. Its like knitting, it's fun (most of the time!!), beautiful patterns and wonderful materials to work with. It is really no wonder that some of us end up accummulating a lot of "working materials". It is really interesting how quilting has taken a new direction. The quilts are more modern looking with great fabrics and clean lines. I love it!! A lot of them look pretty easy and relatively quick to do-very appealing.Just as the hand dyes in kniting do a lot of the work in knitting so do the new fresh fabrics in quilting IMHO!!

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