Sunday, May 29, 2011

Looking a lot more like Spring

These are painted daises from the boulevard garden. A few years ago Mr. B. decided to dig up some of the boulevard, not too sure why. I think there was a lot of weeds and no grass-well I know that there was a lot of weeds and no grass and it looked pretty yucky.Anyways I planted it and  many plants survived. I love this one but it only blooms this time of year. I think I have a colourway in a sock yarn bearing this name. I am a marketer's dream.

The Hansa roses are out now too. They are not a one of the designer or glam roses, but they are a very pretty colour and they smell divine.

There are a lot of irises out in gardens all over K-town. They are pretty nice too. So where is the knitting? Good question. I have started a new project -Girasole (italian for sunflower)  with a great yarn-so I guess there is a bit of a theme going here.But I haven't taken any pictures of it yet.That kinda sums it up.

Have a great week    Chris

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